Introducing ‘Hibi no Ocha’: Sharing Japan’s Everyday Tea Joy!

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We’ve carefully blended the wild herbs of Yakushima to create a beverage that’s easy to enjoy. Our product is designed for convenient brewing in a teapot ✨.

If you bring the empty cans of our product to Salon Yunomine, we offer a refill service, making it both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

These wild herbs are gifts from the rich nature of Yakushima, harvested amidst its abundant natural surroundings. We’ve gathered and dried these herbs to capture the essence of the island’s blessings.

With a desire to share the delightful taste of tea enjoyed by everyone in Japan for generations, we named our creation ‘Hibi no Ocha’ – Everyday Tea. The leaf illustrations and text on the label carry various heartfelt sentiments.