Using barley as a straw is environmentally and socially friendly, benefiting both nature and people.

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We cultivates barley. The barley grains are used for barley tea, and the straw is used for straws, all with the aspiration of being kind to both nature and people.

Barley straws are eco-friendly, provide a pleasant drinking experience, and can be used multiple times after washing and drying. Furthermore, they can be returned to the earth once they have served their purpose.

At Salon Yunomine, we provide these straws when serving drinks.

At the foothills of Mt. Mocchomu, between the mountains and the sea, we cultivate barley using Yakushima’s water and pesticide-free farming methods.

From cultivation to production, we put our hearts into making each one, ensuring that each barley straw is crafted with care.

These straws are not your typical straws; they are thinner and more irregular, providing a unique and enjoyable sipping experience.