“Pukari-dō’s Social Excursion ~ jyagaimonoouchi Edition ~

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Established in 1997 with the wish for everyone, regardless of their abilities, to live authentically on Yakushima, Potato House was later incorporated as the nonprofit organization ‘Potato House’ in 2003. It began by producing products such as tangerine juice, black pork miso, and potatoes. In 2016, it expanded its services by establishing the supported employment type B, ‘Nijiiro no Ki.’ Since then, it has provided a workplace for many individuals with disabilities.

Today, it also operates the group home ‘Tsukimizuso’ as a living space for people with disabilities. During our visit to Potato House, we observed the dedicated efforts of individuals working together in the black pork miso-making process. Everyone, with their unique qualities, contributes to the production process, showcasing a collaborative and inclusive environment.

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