Interview: Ms. Fūko Sanuki / Salon Yunomine – Café and Lifestyle Store

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Located in the southern part of Yakushima, in the village of Onoaida, right in front of the Onoaida Onsen at the base of Mt. Mocchomu, there’s a cozy and welcoming café that beckons you to stop by with its warm atmosphere, perfect for those who’ve just enjoyed the hot springs.

With its cute yellow basin-shaped sign, Salon Yunomine’s door opens, and a friendly woman greets you with, ‘Hello, I’m Chigako!’ Shortly after, another woman appears, smiling warmly, and says, ‘Hello, please come in.’

‘We’d love for everyone, with all their diverse backgrounds, to come and visit!’

This is Fūko Sanuki, who works for the nonprofit organization Potato House, managing Salon Yunomine. Her gentle smile leaves a lasting impression.

Twelve years ago, Sanuki moved from Kanagawa Prefecture, expressing her desire to ‘confirm real nature.’ She already had a deep interest in agriculture and the environment.

‘Living on Yakushima, I often think about how happy I am. Even if I have worries, they seem to vanish when I enter the mountains. The people here are warm-hearted. I feel blessed not only by the charm of nature but also by the connections I’ve made with people.’

A Workplace Based on Mutual Support

Salon Yunomine serves the purpose of supporting employment for users of Potato House, a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to individuals with disabilities. Sanuki is involved in supporting users, developing the menu at Salon Yunomine, customer service, and various other programs… Read more…